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very powerful pictures...


so sad...makes me worry and cry:(


I really like her smile here.


Photographs speak itself.



Stunning. I like how you composed this and how the expressions of the two people come through in the photograph.

Ashish Sidapara

Your recent b&w series is superb, this one is no exception!


It's good to see the elders being taken care of in their golden years.

Wim van der Meij

A very nice double portrait.


Quel fabuleux sourires, c'est contagious ça tu sais...:-)

haggis basher

They look happy to see you Sidney, probably breaks up there routine to have a visitor.


I like the timelessness of this series in black and white.


anyway, through a sad thema, we can feel a hot warness through the relationships... not the cold duty of workers as in europe in such houses..for old people!


This one says family to me :).


Do they like when you take their photos? They must love the attention.

The black and white series is a good touch to the subject.

La Grande Ombre

Quel bonheur de tomber sur un site comme le tien! Tes photos sont magnifiques, j'adore le noir et blanc! Celle ci est très émouvante... Encore bravo!


love the way they do that pose. trying to smile a little even though their eyes look sad. i am sending back the greetings to you. advance merry christmas and a happy new year to you too. hope you'll have a nice time in Belgium, not too much though. you know you need to come back here, right? cheers!


Toute cette série noir et blanc est très belle, Sidney !
Gros bisous :0010:


very nice!


A fine picture of this elegant lady and her helper/nurse. She looks happy to have her picture taken.


on en discute souvent avec vera. comment les philippins, surtout ceux qui survivent sur les trottoirs, qui couchent dans les ordures, qui mangent dans les poubelles de Mc Dos, qui tendent leurs mains ou leurs moignons, comment gardent ils TOUS ce merveilleux sourire?


beautiful and sensitive portrait... very well done...


i miss my lola :( she went away on new years eve ten years ago ..


filipinoes often claim that we respect our elders. and yet our laws allow companies to take away their professions as soon as they hit that age. its odd. we have to allow them to work and remain productive.

La Chouette

uneimage touchante de plus


That is funny. My post doesn't appear here. Try again.
Hope you won't be terrorising any old folks homes here in Belgium in the weeks to come.

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